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Comfort on a Budget

You won’t have to sacrifice quality with our entry level Classic Cotton mattresses.


  • Because our cotton mattresses are more densely packed than other futons, they retain their firmness, loftiness and support long after the competition falls flat.
  • Custom-blended JOY® cotton batting, the densest most durable cotton in the world, uses nothing but the purest cotton picker and linter available.
  • For added strength, the heavy cotton twill outer shell is constructed like a box –with top, bottom and side panels– not like a pillow as on other futons.
  • Our futons have 25% more lace tufts than the competition.
  • We ‘crown’ each futon across the middle with several pounds of extra JOY® cotton top and bottom for extra comfort and support.
  • Double-stitched seams won’t split or unwind.

Flex 606

A great choice for those looking for a 100% cotton mattress

Inside the 6″ all cotton futon you’ll find 50 lbs. of custom-blended JOY® cotton batting – the densest most durable in the world. The unique suppleness of the Flex makes it perfect for use on our unfinished poplar lounger frame.

Gold 608

For lasting firmness and durability

Dense JOY® cotton batting gives this mattress its simple, traditional comfort while two layers of super soft, high density foam provide extra resiliency and long-lasting comfort.