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Our most popular Innersrping!  A cotton-based futon, the addition of high-density foam and an innerspring system delivers terrific sitting and sleeping comfort. This futon comes with a non-removable solid black duck fabric. Special Order options for the Platinum include a free choice of other solid duck fabric colors or an upcharge for upholstery quality fabrics.



This futon contains active support technology coils, 1.5″ of high density foam and 20 pounds of lofted cotton. Free UPS shipping to your home! Comes in a non-removable Black color solid duck fabric with the upcharge option of upholstery quality fabrics.



Although the Alpine really deserves a spot in our Premium line of futons, we’ve included it here as an affordable and unique option to the innerspring mattresses.

The Alpine is overstuffed with 12” of materials, including 4” of rebonded foam, 2.25” of high-density foam, and 3” of polyester batting and is compressed to an 8” thickness. And unlike cotton or innerspring futons, it is light weight and is not susceptible to mildew.

But wait! There’s more. The Alpine is flippable! One side provides a soft feel. Turn it over for a firmer feel. The perfect choice for you and your guests.

Comes in a non-removable Cream color solid polyester covering. Choose a removable cover for the Alpine from our selection of 1,000 + fabrics.